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The Underdog sections

And... if you are considering sending your literary work to The Underdog, here is a preview of what will be found inside the "pages" of The Underdog:

Fantasy Fiction
Young Adult Fiction
Literary Criticisms/Essays/Reviews
Odds & Ends
Change Your World Column (please note this a column from the editor; therefore, submissions are not necessary for this particular section of the newsletter)
Helpful Hints/Advice

***Please note*** The Underdog is NOT accepting submissions at this time. The above list is to whet your appetite for what will be featured in The Underdog and to give all aspiring contributors sufficient time to consider what they would like to submit. More details about submitting to The Underdog will be available in the future. For now, remember to keep spreading the word about The Underdog!
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more details

I'm not sure that I've fully explained what exactly I would like to do here. As before mentioned, my hope and desire is for The Underdog to be a vehicle for aspiring authors. My idea (subject to change if someone has a better/more feasible suggestion)is to begin this as an e-mail newsletter sent out to all desiring to be on the mailing list ... eventually moving up to a website with archives and possibly other extras ... and lastly (and the most "we'll see" part) to an actual print publication. In the future,The Underdog will be featuring all kinds of original work, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry and etc. At this point in time, I think the best thing to do is to start building up that mailing list for the e-mail newsletter version of The Underdog. So that means I need YOU to subscribe to the list and pass along the subscription information to anyone you know who might be interested in such a venture. Remember, the more people who are subscribed to the newsletter, the more people who will read your work. Therefore, without any further ado, here is the subscription process (it's pretty easy!):

E-mail Make sure that you write "Subscription to The Underdog" in the title of the e-mail. Any e-mail without this title line will be deleted as junk mail! Once you e-mail the above address, I will have your e-mail address and will add it to the mailing list.

Please note: The Underdog is not currently accepting literary submissions. Any manuscripts sent to The Underdog at this time will be deleted without being read. Please stay posted to this site for upcoming news about literary submissions.

Thank you for your patience so far and willingness to join me on this venture.
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The Underdog is an alternative media outlet for those interested in writing and getting their work out to the public. It is The Underdog's desire first and foremost to serve as a community where all submitting their work and all reading others' work are rewarded from the experience. The Underdog also hopes that by publishing new and original works, new authors will be discovered and advanced.

Check back here for more details as The Underdog unfolds.
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the wait is almost over

Do you want to get your written work out to the public but don't know how?

Not interested in self-publishing but have no success with traditional publishers?

Ever long for the days when newspapers printed fictional stories in series (i.e., how Charles Dickens started out)?

Don't worry.

The Underdog is coming.

More details to follow.